Antigua & Barbuda to field condensed CAC team

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The Antigua & Barbuda Bodybuilding & Weightlifting Federation (ABBWF) could take a scaled down team to this year’s Central American & Caribbean (CAC) Championships in Mexico.
This is according to Public Relations Officer (PRO), Kimberly Ephraim, who said the cost to fly all the athletes into Mexico for the September 28 to October 1 championships is very high.
“We don’t have a set number but I will tell you that Mexico is the furthest we’ve had to travel, so it is going to be very pricy. We definitely cannot carry as large of a team we did to Santo Domingo because it’s just a totally different price point. I think they [bodybuilding federation] are working on trying to get every possible person that will be competitive on that team and make it happen for them,” she said.
In 2016, the federation took 10 athletes to the championships in Santo Domingo, and an estimated seven athletes are may be attending this year’s show.
As for her personal readiness, Ephraim said she has improved in the areas pointed out by the judges at last year’s CAC.
 “The judges are familiar with me, they have seen me a few times and I think it’s just hard as a new person to come in and just win. They [judges] want to see you [over a period of time]; they want to see that you have improved so that if you do get that pro care you’ve proven to me that you will continue to improve and progress in the sport,” the athlete said.
“I think I have a good chance at it. I’ve come in a lot bigger this year which has always been my critique, to add a bit more to my frame,” she added.
Ephraim repeated as champion of the Bikini segment of the national championships held last Saturday at the Multipurpose Cultural Center at Perry Bay. 
The competition, she said, gets tougher every year.
“Every year, it’s the same. I still get nervous, I still get the anxiety, because I never step on stage feeling like I am a sure win. I always feel like I need to beat my last package so the same nerves that anyone else gets, I get in the same respect,” she said.
“I think it’s the worst when you go on for the parade, on stage for the first time and see everybody looking at you but it also helps to sort of normalise you to the stage and from there it gets a little better,” she added.
The bodybuilding federation is expected to name a CAC team within the coming week.

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