Antigua & Barbuda Gets Bronze At 3×3 Tournament

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Antigua & Barbuda is the third best country in the Lesser Antilles where it pertains to 3×3 basketball.
This after the country’s team, comprising Judah Ferris, Sheldon Gomes, Eric Joseph, and Ahmani Browne, captured bronze at the International Basketball Foundation (IBF) Lesser Antilles 3×3 International Youth Championships held in St. Lucia over the weekend.
Antigua & Barbuda finished behind of winners Martinique and runners-up Guyana, the only two teams they lost to in the competition.
One member of the team, Sheldon Gomes, described the experience as one of learning.
“It was really fun meeting a lot of new people but the games were very physical. After playing this tournament we realized that we have to step up and get bigger because these guys are the real deal so we are definitely going to work harder from here,” he said.
Manager of the team, Gemma Hazelwood, suggested that the sport’s governing body in Antigua & Barbuda should explore the possibility of acquiring a 3×3 surface, which he thinks could go a long way in preparing future teams for this tournament.
“One of the things I observed is that our boys had a little adjustment to make to the surface. So I think we need to seriously look at the facility that we have so that when we go to these tournaments, we come out the gate ready,” the manager said.
President of the Antigua & Barbuda Basketball Association (ABBA), Daryll Matthew, in response, said a 3×3 surface is not in the associations’ immediate plans.
“Next year is ABBA’s 50th anniversary and so we definitely want to do a few big things but I am not sure we are in a position now to bid; because we don’t have the surface required to put on a tournament like this. We would have to purchase a surface,” he said.
The 3×3 markings are slightly different from a regular court. It’s a little smaller than half court and I don’t know that it’s financially sensible for us to invest money in buying a 3×3 surface, when what we really need to develop our sport further is a proper full court surface,” he added.
Guadeloupe finished fourth with Barbados rounding off the top five.

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