Antigua and Barbuda co-sponsors OAS resolution

Antigua and Barbuda’s Ambassador to the OAS, Sir Ron Sanders
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A resolution has been approved by the permanent council of the Organisation of American States (OAS) led by both Antigua and Barbuda and Guatemala.

The purpose of the resolution was to call for the immediate withdrawal of Russia’s military from Ukraine amid the ongoing war in Europe that began on February 24.

Among the 28 countries which voted in favour of the resolution was the United States, while five OAS member countries abstained from the voting exercise.

According to remarks made on Friday by Interim Permanent Representative of the United States, Bradley Freden, “Through this resolution, particularly with all the OAS member states who co-sponsored, we are reminded of our commitment in the OAS Charter to peace and justice.  I applaud the missions of Guatemala and Antigua and Barbuda for leading this resolution.”

Antigua and Barbuda’s Ambassador to the OAS, Sir Ron Sanders, explained why the twin-island State needed to co-sponsor the resolution

“We cannot sit on the sidelines while a country uses force and aggression to seize another territory. If we can stand aside from that and believe that is something that does not affect us, it will catch up with us soon enough,” he said.

Ambassador Sanders also highlighted the adverse effects the war has had on Antigua and Barbuda to further illustrate why action was taken through leading such a resolution.

“I’ve already pointed out earlier about the economic effects this has had on the world. It’s affecting Antigua and Barbuda, it’s affecting us in oil prices, it’s affecting us in food shortages, it’s affecting us in shipping the reverse osmosis plants that we need. It is certainly going to affect our tourism.”

Since the war, oil prices continue to fluctuate globally, and food shortages seen during the Covid-19 pandemic have been exacerbated due to supply chain disruptions arising out of the conflict and sanctions.

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