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Antigua Airways’ Managing Director denies allegations that his company is a ‘scam’

Antigua Airways inaugural flight landed at VC Bird International Airport on November 1, 2022. (File photo)

By Robert A. Emmanuel

[email protected]

The Managing Director of Antigua Airways, Opeyemi Olorunfemi, has sought to clarify that his company is committed to providing quality service to customers, and was not a scam.

Since July 2022 when Antigua Airways became first known to the public, several unsubstantiated allegations and criticisms were made about the airline.

Yesterday, Olorunfemi told Observer that Antigua Airways was working hard to ensure quality customer service.

“Some of those things are not correct; we are ensuring that we are delivering the right service to our customers,” he said.

Some of the allegations against the company included reports of fraud published by local media house Real News Antigua, which also published an article claiming that scammers were using a fake website and claims that passengers were being defrauded of money.

While Observer was unable to independently verify such claims, Olorunfemi reiterated that they were working on “delivering the right communication to their customers.”

The first flight to the island was a charter originating from Lagos, Nigeria which arrived on the Independence Day, November 1 this year and brought over 100 passengers to the island.

The Managing Director also addressed the reason why Antigua and Barbuda was chosen to be the primary hub for Antigua Airways.

“Antigua and Barbuda is the prime destination for entrepreneurs to start up and expand their businesses. Antigua Airways has seen itself as a gateway to this vibrant economy … so not just bringing people for one visit but we are trying to ensure that people are able to settle down doing business on the island … we are looking for entrepreneurs with a vision and passion in their business to come and invest in Antigua,” he explained.

Antigua Airways was branded as the first airline linking the twin-island nation directly to the African continent and will be chartering another flight to the island which is set to arrive on December 23 (today) and depart December 26 — next week Monday.

There has been much scepticism over the feasibility of establishing the airline, with UPP Leader Harold Lovell being among the most critical voices questioning the airline management experience of the company behind it, Abuja-based printing firm Marvelous Mike Press Ltd.

Additionally, residents have questioned the intention of some of the passengers, as some members of the public have claimed that the airline is being used for transiting its passengers to other countries because some have not returned to Africa on the return flight.

However, the government of Antigua and Barbuda has remained confident that Antigua Airways will be a success.