Another six-week wait for ‘no case submission’ decision in Bruce Greenaway murder case

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

As courts on island continue to hear only new matters, the public will have to wait another six weeks to find out whether there is a case against the four people accused of Bruce Greenaway’s murder.

Yesterday, Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel-Edwards was due to hand down her decision based on written no case submissions she had received from both the prosecution and defence attorneys.

However, her decision had to be put off until April 12.

In December 2020, the three lawyers representing the four law enforcement officials accused of murdering the Falmouth father-of-two decided to join forces to submit the application indicating why they think the murder case should be thrown out.

When attorney Andrew O’Kola appeared in the All Saints Magistrate’s Court that day – on behalf of his other two colleagues, Lawrence Daniels and Wendel Robinson – he stated that there was little to no evidence to pin a charge of murder on their clients.

Thus, the magistrate gave them three weeks to file their submission, and another three weeks thereafter was given to the prosecution to respond.

Since then, the quartet has been back and forth in court as their lawyers fight for disclosure of specific documents, such as station diaries.

At their last court appearance on February 15, the magistrate upheld her decision, ordering the prosecution to disclose to the lawyers the information they had requested.

In June 2020, the police arrested and jointly charged 44-year-old Jason Modeste and 25-year-old Shakiel Thomas, both of Swetes, along with 20-year-old Armal Warner of Pares and 20-year-old Aliyah Martin of Jennings, for allegedly murdering Greenaway.

Greenaway’s lifeless body was discovered near the shoreline of Indian Creek on April 13.

An autopsy later revealed that he had been strangled.

Attorney Daniels represents Martin, while O’Kola represents Warner and Thomas — all of whom are soldiers in the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force — while Robinson is advocating for police officer, Modeste.

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