Another setback for Wendel Robinson’s suspension challenge

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The attorney representing suspended Police Commissioner, Wendel Robinson was too ill to attend the hearing of the case today, Friday.
This was the reason given to the court by attorney Cosbert Cumberbatch, who explained that Sir Richard Cheltenham who is representing Robinson could not travel to Antigua for the matter.
Cumberbatch is assisting Sir Richard with the case.
But, even if Sir Richard had gone to court, the case could not have been heard because he failed to meet the deadlines set by the court to file submissions in response to what the Police Service Commission had to say about his client’s suspension challenge.
Earlier, Sir Richard was given until July 5th to file those written arguments but, on July 16th, the lawyer assisting Sir Richard asked the court to grant an extension – obviously this was after the deadline had already been missed.
August 31st is the new date set for the submission of those arguments. And the trial hearing is scheduled for October 5th.
This is the second time Robinson’s case has been adjourned since he filed it in May.
Robinson was suspended on April 5th following allegations he sexually harassed three male colleagues and a civilian who was seeking entry into the police force.
The incidents occurred between 2016 and 2018.
He is challenging the suspension which he says is unlawful. The PSC is responsible for setting up an investigative committee to look into the matters, but since suspending Robinson, this has not been done.
The commission, which is represented by Dr. David Dorsett maintains however that it acted lawfully when it removed Robinson from his post pending the outcome of the probe.

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