Another murder-accused man freed after witness changes story

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Dwayne “Little Man” Joseph is now a free man after the key witness in his murder trial recanted his original statement, denying having seen the defendant kill Jermaine “Six Months” Destin seven years ago.

In March 2013, Joseph and Ziggy Beazer were accused of committing the second homicide for that year when Joseph allegedly handed Beazer a gun moments before Beazer fatally shot Destin in his head on Athill Street, Villa.

But when the main witness took the stand yesterday, his testimony was different to that of his police statement.

The witness, who claimed he knew the two accused all their lives, said that he only got to the scene in time to see the man lying in a pool of blood and did not see who shot the deceased.

The witness was therefore declared hostile and the prosecution was forced to discontinue the case.

More details in tomorrow’s issue of The Daily Observer Newspaper.

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