Another delay in bus saga involving three former UPP ministers

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Late in January of 2020 is when Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh is expected to decide whether or not she will hear the matter concerning the transfer of buses by three former United Progressive Party (UPP) cabinet ministers in the High Court.

Harold Lovell, Willmoth Daniel and Dr Jacqui Quinn are facing criminal charges of corruption, fraud, larceny and embezzlement.

When the matter was heard in the St John’s Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, the Chief Magistrate ordered the defense to ensure that their submissions are made by December 19th2019.

The prosecution is also expected to file its reply by January 16th 2020.

Last month, the police recharged the trio in relation to three buses that were donated to the Government of Antigua and Barbuda by South Korea.

The decision comes more than two years after Magistrate Conliffe Clarke dismissed the case which has to do with three Daewoo buses worth more than $600,000 that were donated to the former UPP administration by South Korea.

It is alleged that while they were in public office, the trio converted the buses for their personal use and had them registered at the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board in their names.

The three have always maintained their innocence and confidence that they will be vindicated should the matter go to trial.

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