Another Airport drug bust

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A joint operation at the V. C. Bird International Airport netted a quarter-million dollars worth of drugs destined for the streets of Antigua and Barbuda.
On Tuesday, the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda, the Customs and Excise Division and airport security swept through the Customs Bonded Warehouse with the aid of sniffer dogs and found $256,000 worth of drugs in two separate shipments.
In one incident, the dogs alerted the officers to a barrel with laundry detergent, which arrived aboard an Air Canada flight.
The shipment was searched, and four buckets with a total of 21 vacuum-sealed packages of cannabis were found hidden inside the buckets. The substance weighed 14 and three-quarter pounds and carries an estimated wholesale value of $59,000.
In the other incident, two barrels coming out of the United States aboard Amerijet Cargo Airlines were found with an overall total of 49 and a half pounds of compressed cannabis. The illegal drugs were found hidden among four buckets of food items. The substance carries a wholesale value of $197,000.
All the items were seized and taken to Police Headquarters, pending further investigations.
This is the fifth drug bust at the airport in recent days.
On Monday, seven and three-quarter pounds of cannabis with an estimated wholesale value of $31,000 were seized at the airport.
No arrests have been made in these recent busts at the airport.
Earlier this month, over $1.6 million worth of drugs were destroyed at Burma Quarry. This came as a result of cases that were disposed of in the High and Magistrate’s courts, as well as from seizures where no arrests were made.

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