Another adjournment in case of youth accused of killing police

Verel Simon, accused of killing police officer Corporal Clifton Common
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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

A young man accused of killing a corporal of police will have to endure another month in Her Majesty’s Prison before he finds out if the police have enough evidence against him.

October 21 was the new date issued to 20-year-old, Verel Simon, who allegedly murdered Corporal Clifton Common on February 11 of this year at around 1 pm.

The hearing had already been adjourned about five times since that date.

The incident took place at the St John’s Police Station on Newgate Street where Simon was being detained.

Common died while receiving medical treatment in the hospital, after reportedly sustaining a head injury inflicted by Simon.

Simon, who is represented by Attorney Andrew O’Kola, could face a High Court Judge for trial or a guilty plea if Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh commits the matter at his next court hearing.

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