Angry taxi driver convicted on drug charges

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An irate taxi driver who admitted that he had cannabis when he hurled expletives at a vendor at Dickenson Bay was convicted and fined $4,200.
On Monday, Jireh Graham was given until the close of business to come up with the sum or face four months at Her Majesty’s Prison for the four offences, which occurred on May 11, when he was found with 145 grammes of cannabis in his possession. He subsequently paid the fine.
The Potters vendor who plies his trade at the beach reported to police that the defendant was cursing at him in a loud, aggressive manner while telling the virtual complainant he couldn’t tell him where to go because he was not Antiguan.
When approached by police and cautioned, Graham admitted to using indecent language and disorderly conduct. However, the officer became suspicious and told the taxi driver that he suspected he had the illegal substance in his possession, and the convict consented to a search.
A total of 72 bags of small re-sealable bags containing cannabis were found and when told by police he would be arrested for the offence of possession of cannabis, Graham started making noise.
“Cannabis, me use it for medicine and give me friends. Ah cannabis eh be and me nah tap bun um or sell um, me haffu eat … me nah rob and steal,” the man told police.
The driver was further charged with possession and possession with intent to transfer the Class B controlled substance that carries an estimated street value of $1,450.
The first time offender was fined $150 for disorderly conduct and another $150 for the indecent language, plus $1,000 for possession and $2,900 for intent to supply the illegal substance. Failure to pay will result in prison terms ranging from two weeks to four months; the sentences are to run concurrently.
When asked by Magistrate Conliffe Clarke for an explanation, Graham said he was angry and he could not recall everything he said in his rage but he was recently released from hospital following a incident that left him nursing a slash to his throat.
He was not given painkillers, and he had been using the plant to aid his recovery.

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