Analyst cautions politicians on social media use

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A well-known social and political commentator has aknowledged that more and more people, including politicians are turning to social media to trade words with each other, but warned of the risks associated with such actions.
Zooming in on the increased activity of PM Browne and some of his comments which have targeted opposition politicians and other critics of his administration, Arvel Grant said great caution must be taken, bearing in mind the comments go directly to the public, unfiltered.
“This could have pluses and minuses – a big plus is that it goes directly to the audience and they get the unvarnished version of the statements. The other part of it is that you have this permanent record of your thoughts and ideas of a particular issue in the public domain,” he said.
He explained that once the information is posted, it is up to the consumers of that information  to figure out the facts and media practitioners would also have to be mindful of the information coming from both sides and the contending issues.
Grant said one must pick the facts from the fiction and present the information in a neutral manner.
“Social media has become the platform of choice for political leaders whether they are in the government or opposition, you don’t have to put out a statement and worry about it being edited in any way” Grant said.
In recent times the social media has played a pivitol role in campaigning and other political activities.
Grant’s comments came on the heels of a series of public posts by Prime Minister Gaston Browne, in which he takes aim at the Political Leader of the opposition United Progressive Party Harold Lovell.
Lovell too has taken to social media in recent times to address issues regarding the government and to raise questions about projects and contracts under Browne’s administration.

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