An initiative has been put in place to get more people to Barbuda for Caribana

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The Cabinet is waiving taxes on fuel for vessels taking revelers from Antigua to the Barbuda for Caribana.
The festival runs from June 1st to 5th.
And the Government’s spokesman, Lionel ‘Max’ Hurst says the aim is to ensure all those who want to go to the carnival can get there and at a reasonable cost.
Hurst says he is hoping the operators will reduce the fares since fuel will cost less.
The Barbuda Express is the only commercial ferry operating between Antigua and Barbuda.
But Hurst says two other vessels have been approved for the tax waiver.
He also says the exemption was at the request of the MP for Barbuda, Arthur Nibbs.
The government spokesman says there is a limit on how much fuel the boat operators can claim for.
Hurst says he could not remember the exact figure but he believes it is about five thousand gallons.

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