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Ambrose Welcomes Haynes Interest In Coaching Job


Sir Curtly Ambrose has welcomed the decision made by former West Indies cricketer, Desmond Haynes, who along with Ambrose has indicated his interest in coaching the West Indies team.
He says he is happy to hear of another past great who is willing to help.
“I am quite happy to hear that but at the same time is not now that some of the former cricketers are putting up their hand. They have been expressing their willingness for many years if I can recall but noting much was ever done in that regard, so I am quite happy to see and know that other former greats are willing to help because I have always said I am willing to help. It’s nice to see other guys stepping up.”
The former fast bowler also stated his openness to work with any of the past cricketers as, according to Ambrose, the growth of the team is what is most important if appointed. 
“It’s all about West Indies cricket for me. When I was with the team, I kept telling the guys if I could do my job behind the scenes I would, I have had my time it’s all about the players now…. once you as the coach [are] doing your job and the players are improving then that’s what matters. It doesn’t bother me who I work with, for me it’s all about making the team better.”
Ambrose, however, stated his disapproval in putting a time frame on the improvement of the team if appointed for the job.
“That’s something I don’t do because it takes time and it’s very difficult to jump from a number 8 or 9 and move up the ladder so quickly when other teams are so far ahead. In your mind as a coach, you have to work with the product that you have and then assess yourself, every game is different. 
“As a coach I don’t think it’s the best thing to say in two years we are going 
to do this and that because if it doesn’t happen then what”.
The Swetes native has not officially sent in his application but however stated that after going through the correct process he will be doing so at the earliest date.



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