Althea Prince receives prestigious Canadian award

Antiguan national and esteemed author Dr Althea Prince recently received her latest award – the prestigious Kay Livingstone Award celebrating “Strong, Black, Canadian Women.” The award is presented to a Ryerson University faculty member who has made a difference on campus, in the local community and on a national level.

“I was very thrilled to receive this award,” Dr Prince informed The Daily OBSERVER from Canada via email shortly after accepting the award.

Livingstone, meanwhile, was a media personality and activist for minority rights – founder of the Canadian Negro Women’s Association. Prince described her as someone who “looked after the growth of women, black women, women of colour, and all women in this country.” The award is designed to “encourage black women to improve the lives of other women of colour and their families.”

There’s a more personal connection as well: Prince revealed that her sister boarded with Livingstone’s mother for a time back in the 1960s when it was difficult for people of colour to find rooms to rent. So, on the night, as they took pictures, Prince related, Livingtone’s daughters sought out pictures “with the girl, now woman who had stayed with their grandmother. They want pictures with the woman who has won the award that is named after their mother.”

So in both a personal and professional sense, it was a fulfilling night for the author; whose published books include Ladies of the Night, Loving this Man, and most recently The Politics of Black Women’s Hair. She has several books in progress including an anthology of new and newish voices from Antigua & Barbuda.

Summing up her feelings on receiving the Kay Livingstone award, Dr Prince said, “I am full to the brim with Spirit. Too many words would spoil the feelings that stay with me.”


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