All Saints West MP returns to Cabinet next week

Member of Parliament for All Saints West Michael Browne
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Former Education Minister Micheal Browne returns to the Cabinet
next week Monday, after he was fired in November 2020
following allegations of a serious criminal offence.

In a press statement today Friday, the government said the MP
for All Saints West will take on a new portfolio of Minister of the
Creative Industries and Innovation.

He will be responsible for Culture, Carnival, Independence, One
Nation Concert, V.C. Bird Day Celebrations, Visual Arts, Graphic
Arts, Decorative Arts, Performing Arts, Musical Arts, Happiness
and Unity, Innovation, and the UNOPS.

Browne was recently acquitted but before that, Prime Minister
Gaston Browne vowed to return the parliamentarian to Cabinet if
he was found not guilty.

PM Browne has advised the Governor General who is expected to
appoint Michael Browne effective January 3, 2022.

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