Air ambulance develops problems, minister returned to hospital

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An air ambulance that was set to do a medical evacuation of Michael Browne,  minister of education, developed a problem at the airport this afternoon, thus it was unable to fly him out of the country for care.
The minister was transported to the V.C. Bird International Airport in an ambulance around 2:15 p.m. and the Lear jet-35 air ambulance which came from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport was there waiting to transport him to the Cayman Islands.
However, an eyewitness said that shortly after the pilot started up the business jet, he had to shut it down due to a mechanical problem believed to be engine related.
Consequently, the mission was aborted and the minister was rushed back to the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre.
He remains in a stable condition. Earlier today a hospital source said he was communicating with family, his staff, friends and supporters.
Browne began experiencing chest pain and heart complications Monday night, which led to him being rushed to hospital.
Soon after being taken to the Emergency Room (ER) he was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).
Since his hospitalisation, dozens of residents have offered prayers and well wishes for his speedy recovery.
Browne is the MP for All Saints West, where he was first elected in June 2014 and reelected in March 2018 when early general elections were held.

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