AG's grandson's limbs fractured in car crash

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Attorney General MP Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin said his 14-year-old grandson Donté Benjamin, who was in a car crash on Friday, and who sustained several fractures, is recovering well in hospital.
The St Anthony’s Secondary student was in a silver car, A 44719, with
two friends when they crashed into a utility post on Sir Sidney Walling Highway.
Benjamin, whose grandchild resides with him, told OBSERVER media, “He is doing well under the circumstances. He has a broken left femur and broken pelvis but the doctors said that because he is a young man, there are other measures to allow his bone to heal without pinning him up and so on.”
The MP said local and overseas specialists have agreed on the way forward and he expressed thanks to those who have been caring for, and have offered prayers for his grandchild.
According to him, the child is likely to remain hospitalised for about six weeks. He said he plans to go to the child’s school to make arrangements for him to continue his education during that period.
One of young Benjamin’s friends, 19-year-old Atiba Barnes, who was in the rear seat of the same vehicle sustained a broken jaw and cuts and bruises. He too remained hospitalized up to press time.
The driver, Makiva Otto, 20, sustained cuts and bruises and was complaining of pain about the body.
Police sources told OBSERVER media that the three males were traveling west on Sir Sidney Walling Highway some time in the early morning hours of Friday, when two vehicles travelling from the opposite direction, began overtaking another one.
They said that when Otto realised the vehicles were in his path and too close to avoid a collision, Otto swerved away.
As a result, he lost control of the car and it veered off the road and crashed into a lamp pole.
The drivers who were reportedly in his lane, sped off.
Benjamin described the incident as unfortunate and said he’s glad his grandson and two friends survived.

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