Agriculture Minister talks strategies

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Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs Dean Jonas has pointed to the importance of a sound Marketing Plan if the agriculture industry and all stakeholders in Antigua and Barbuda are to receive more meaningfully benefits.
During a recent meeting with key agriculture personnel and representatives from the farming community, the minister said that when he came into office earlier this year, a National Marketing Plan was not available and this was placed high on his agenda.
According to him, the government is working on a marketing plan for agriculture and farmers should adapt a similar approach to their work to ensure that their economic gains are substantial.
“Establish and ensure that there is a market for the crops you plant,” the minister advised.
He said that farmers must be able to make money from their investments and that a marketing plan is a very important factor to becoming more self sufficient.
The meeting also addressed the farmers on the ministry’s drive not only to improve productivity using modern technology but also on finding innovative ways to use post harvest production to avoid wasting produce during periods of glut.

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