Agents urged to educate the public about CIP

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Kirthley Maginley has called on his fellow Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) agents to collectively advocate the “importance” of the programme with the public of Antigua & Barbuda – something he believes is necessary for residents to embrace it.
His statement came after the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) Charmaine Donovan told OBSERVER media that a public education programme is already being designed by its marketing and communication staff.
Maginley, who is a member of the Licensed CIP Agents Association, is urging the CIU to include the other 40 or so members of the association in its initiative.
“The benefits of the programme are unquestionable factually … for instance – the benefits, the pensioners, to the social security scheme, and into the consolidated fund. When you look at that I think that it’s good enough to say, agents come with us and let us go and educate our people collectively,” Maginley said.
Meanwhile, the unit’s CEO said she believes that “there is a knowledge gap in the public”.
“People don’t fully understand what the CIP is about, how it benefits the country, and the safeguards in place to ensure that only good citizens come through the process,” Donovan said.
The CIU’s Deputy CEO Thomas Anthony said he was in complete agreement with the need for public education. Anthony, while he has been Deputy CEO and also while he acted as CEO has been open to the media about the affairs of the CIU and of the programme in general.
He added that the CIU’s programme of education would make use of the radio, newspapers and television and could begin as soon as July.

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