AG to present case for establishment of law school in Antigua and Barbuda

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By Carlena Knight

On the heels of the official opening of the fourth landed University of the West Indies (UWI) Five Islands Campus, a government official is continuing his quest to establish a law school on Antigua.

Attorney General Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin left the island yesterday to attend the Annual Meeting of the Council of Legal Education in Jamaica where he plans to make his case.

Benjamin – who is also the country’s Minister for Legal Affairs and Justice – has been lobbying for the law school since 2017, and there’s no indication he plans to end that fight.

Before boarding his flight yesterday, Benjamin spoke briefly with OBSERVER media.

“At that meeting, we discussed all aspects of the law schools and all the administrative and other matters; but, in particular, one of my goals today is to advance the argument for having a law school here in Antigua and Barbuda.

“We already established the UWI campus here and [for] quite some time now we’ve indicated that we wish to have the law school here in Antigua and Barbuda and I shall be making my case today to the Council that we need a law school here to serve the OECS and other persons who are unable to have studies conducted in other law schools around the region.”

Benjamin remains confident that, having been a part of the successful negotiating team for the UWI campus and with the findings and research he will present to the Council, they will rule in his favor.

“This Attorney General has the ability of persuading people. I was a part of the negotiating team that led the discussions with regards to the university campus.

“I have no doubt that when I present our legal arguments, our capability and ability to have the school in Antigua that common sense will prevail.

“Remember that these decisions are not taken lightly with the university and now in this case with the law school. [The Council] will have to be persuaded that we are in a position in terms of infrastructure, demand and capability to have the school here.

“I am satisfied that once I present my arguments for the school that they will be looked at fondly.”

There is no clear date when Benjamin will receive an answer. He is expected to return home on Monday.

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