AG threatens legal action over article alleging corruption

Attorney General (AG) Steadroy Benjamin (file photo)
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By Kadeem Joseph

Attorney General (AG) Steadroy Benjamin is threatening legal action against news outlet – West Indies and Caribbean News Online or WIC News, after the publication alleged his involvement in corrupt acts.

In a story released on Thursday morning, Benjamin was the only government official named in what WIC News called an investigative piece into corrupt acts in Antigua and Barbuda and “wanted wealthy businessmen.”

The article, which has been widely circulated makes several allegations, which Observer cannot repeat for legal reasons.

However, Benjamin has mounted a strident defence, rubbishing the article as “false and defamatory.”

In a press statement, Benjamin said the story is “an obvious malicious endeavour that is politically motivated and groundless in fact.”

Benjamin added that if the publication does not apologise and remove the “malicious libel” and “should the publishers wittingly or unwittingly, continue to participate in this political smearing, I will not hesitate to invoke all legal measures for remedial action.”

Benjamin went on to state that the story demeans journalistic standards noting that he will be taking the matter to court in England and will be seeking substantial damages.

The web news portal credits a senior government official for the information, but said the individual spoke on the basis of anonymity.

The publication said the saga has multiple articles, threatening that the stories to come “would further expose the high officials of Antigua and Barbuda.”

Despite the AG’s demands, the article remained online up to press time last night.

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