AG chastises indiscriminate motorists

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Attorney General, Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin, is rebuking able bodied motorists who indiscriminately utilise disability parking spots.
“It is about time that people in this society recognise that we ought to give credence and we ought to respect and make certain that the lives of those persons challenged are made easier and that they can live in Antigua and Barbuda like they do in any developed society,” Benjamin told OBSERVER media.
The AG said that he recently met with president of the Association for Persons with Disabilities, Bernard Warner, officials from the Antigua and
Barbuda Transport Board and the police to discuss legislation that will protect parking for persons with disabilities.
Benjamin describes the meeting as being “very interesting and rewarding” and said that his office will begin looking at the laws to ensure priority is given to the needs of the disadvantaged and challenged individuals of society.
He praised Warner and his association for bringing the plight of disabled individuals to the fore during days of protests outside Woods Mall where able-bodied motorists have been parking in spaces that the entity has designated for the disabled. He added that he will ensure legal amendments are done to enshrine the rights to access of parking for the disabled.
Benjamin said that the proposed amendments will be drafted and completed over the next six weeks. He reiterated the point that disabled individuals should be given special treatment and stated that the proposed amendments, along with other similar laws, will be made to guarantee that those who are challenged are given the opportunity to live freely in the twin island state.
The disability association started an intense campaign over a month ago which sparked varying reactions from the public.
The protests consisted of the filming and sharing of videos via social media of able bodied motorists parking in disabled parking spots at the Woods Shopping Centre and a subsequent protest at the same location in which disabled individuals parked their wheelchairs in regular parking spots.
Despite meeting with the AG, the association plans to picket the office of social transformation minister, Samantha Marshall.

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