Advocacy group, THE MOVEMENT, supports ‘Black March’

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The good governance group THE MOVEMENT, said it shares a common interest with the opposition United Progressive Party (UPP), and  will be represented at today’s ‘Black March’ against the goverment.
The march coincides with the third anniversary of the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party’s (ABLP) regime which began on June 12, 2004.
The opposition party has argued that in three years the ABLP has failed to effect meaningful changes in the country.
Vice President of the advocacy group Cleon Athill, said yesterday, the decision was made after careful deliberation. According to her, a lot of things have gone wrong with the Gaston Browne led administration.
“To me they have taken the citzenry for granted. In some instances they have disrespected the citzenry. They have not given much credit and credence to the voice of the people,” Athill said.
Pointing out that the UPP had extended an invitation for the group to join in the demonstration, Athill said the group acted cautiously due to widespread speculation that it is an extension of the opposition party.
“It does not matter what we do or say, there are persons that would always align us with the UPP. There are people in THE MOVEMENT who are from other parties and there are also people who are strong supporters of the UPP, so we are not affliated,” Athill said as he invited the entire public to participate in the march.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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