Advanced Credit stuns favorites in final Triple Crown leg

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Advanced Credit, formerly Demolition Man, had the final say in the Antigua Turf Club’s (ATC) Triple Crown Series, claiming the Governor General’s Cup ahead of He’s Sensational and favourite Scrumpum at the Cassada Garden’s Race Track on Sunday.
More notably, it is the first time in the history of the Triple Crown Series that three separate horses have won.
The thoroughbred clocked a time of 1 minute and 59 seconds to shock the field. He beat He’s Sensational who had won the second leg, the Dr. Cuthwin Lake Super Sprint and Scrumpum who had claimed the opening race, the Antigua Black Pineapple Stakes.
Assistant trainer for Advanced Credit, Ted Lewis, said that they went into the race with a viable plan.
“It was planned that as soon as they started to come back to him that he would be taking the race to them then instead of him taking the race to them earlier so from the time they started to make one move like they want to back up then I am going forward for them,” he said. 
Lewis credited teamwork for the horse’s triumph on Sunday.
“He wasn’t too much at the front in the early stages, it was Queen of Hearts and He’s Sensational who were in the running early and so we [Advanced Credit] and Scrumpum were just behind there cruising and waiting for the right time to punch and after he shook off Scrumpum with three furlongs to go I realised that now is the time he is going to make his big run,” he said. 
Advanced Credit is still the only horse to have won the Triple Crown Series, albeit, he competed back then as Demolition Man.
Lewis believes the horse was underestimated by the competitors.
“They were surprised because a lot of them counted him out saying he is a grandpa, he is old, he’s only nine years old, washed up, he’s this, he’s that but they have a man up there [Cassada Garden’s Race Track] by the name of Eustace Parker, a trainer, that could be compared with the best around the world. Once Eustace Parker tells you
that your horse is x, y, z believe when Eustace Parker speaks because experience counts,” the assistant trainer said. 
Baba-Baba dominated the final race of the day, registering a time of 1 minute and 24 seconds to finish ahead of Serpent.
Ital took the opening race over six furlongs with Carol Vontrell taking number two over a similar distance. Pepper Step won the day’s third race which was contested over 5.5 furlongs with Slapping Hands winning over seven furlongs in race number four.

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