Adele participates in Children’s Carnival for fourth straight year

Adele School for Special Children will be part of Children’s Carnival once again. On Thursday the school announced its participation, for the fourth straight year,  during the launch of its costumes for 2010.

Under the theme: “Adele mas’ troupe applauds the spirit of Avatar,” organisers said the message is to be one with the environment. “Avatar” refers to the 2009 box office hit film which had heavy environmentalist overtones and themes.

The sections for the troupe are named after elements of the film such as: Mechanicos, Toruk (dragon), Na’vi tribe, Hometree and Tree of Souls.

At the short presentation to introduce the troupe, a representative of the EAG spoke briefly about the importance of taking care of the environment and public awareness of the cause. She thanked Adele School for taking on an environmentalist theme and bringing those issues to the forefront.

Tanzania “Tizzy” Sebastian, greeted by loud applause and screams, was the special guest performer at the launch. She jumped and danced with the students as she sang her popular hit Expose and one of her 2010 releases, Soca Animal.

The audience wouldn’t allow her to leave until she complied with their request for “one more song.”

Other entertainment at the presentation included the Passion de Danse dancers, who performed to Michael Jackson’s Earthsong.

At last year’s Children’s Carnival, Adele School was awarded second runner-up in the school mas’ category. The year before, it copped the winner’s title.