Activists promote traditional marriage over same-sex union

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At a time when countries worldwide are being pressured by rights activists to accept same-sex marriage, a strong advocate for the family has put forward several reasons why the values of a traditional marriage should be upheld.
The Communication Director of the World Congress of Families, Don Feder, has emphasised that a marriage between a man and a woman is the cornerstone of civilisation; an essential institution that stabilises society and provides a sanctuary for children.
“Marriage and children force men to grow up, marriage gives women the freedom and security to become mothers. Marriage tames destructive male instincts,” Feder told the audience that gathered at the Multipurpose Cultural Centre yesterday for the opening of the fourth Caribbean World Congress of Families Pro-Family Conference being held here.
The World Congress of Families is a United States coalition that promotes Christian right values internationally. It opposes same-sex marriage, pornography, and abortion, while supporting a society built on “the voluntary union of a man and a woman in a lifelong covenant of marriage.”
“Marriage is as old as humanity itself, before there were nations, before there were governments, before there was civil society. There was the family consisting of a man and a woman and their children.”
Feder contends that children need both male and female role models – something that is conspicuously absent from the same-sex arrangement.
He argues that instead of promoting the natural family the only kind of marriage that some politicians worldwide seem interested in promoting is the one “from which society derives no benefit”.
Feder said starting with the Netherlands in the year 2001 almost all developed nations in the West have adopted gay marriages and only a few have stood up against it.
“Marriage is more than a contract between two individuals, that’s why it is being regulated by the state. It has social functions that transcend the desires of individuals,” Feder said.
He posited that homosexuals cannot fulfil the most basic purpose of marriage which is procreation and child rearing.
Feder is one of several people who will be making presentations at the two-day Forum which opened yesterday.
The Caribbean World Congress of Families Pro-Family Conference seeks to promote the significant role that the family can play in the development of society.
Antigua’s Christian Coalition for a Healthy Society has joined forces with the International Organisation for the Family, to host the major regional conference.

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