Activists offer no apology for death wish comments

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The founder of Dogs and Cats of Antigua says she won’t apologize for the harsh comments meted out to the musician who burned a dead dog and joked about eating it.
Joy Farrell says the comments which some users posted in the organisation’s public Facebook discussion group were “passionate” because the musician’s video was “disgusting”.
It was David “Krokus” Edwards who was on tape with the dead animal.
OBSERVER media’s Kieron Murdoch tells us what was posted online about it.

But Farrell says the statements were well deserved.

One of the comments online was Farrell’s. She says she takes the treatment of animals very seriously.

Online there were comments such:
“You are a piece of s…”.
“I Wish someone would get a hold of this bastard and f him up then burn him”.
“If I could I would kick you a… You have no f-ing sense of decency”.
“I would love to watch you get burned alive”.
“I hope he dies a gruesome horrible death”
“Unfortunately sick ignorant people still exist, point is to get rid of them”.

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