Acting prison boss thrown into the fire?

The country's national prison
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By Shermain Bique-Charles

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Just three weeks into his new position, the Acting Superintendent of Prisons, Jermaine Anthony, admits he has been thrown into the fire and it’s sink or swim for him, as he fights the dreadful issues at Her Majesty’s Prison.

Not only is there an outbreak of Covid at the institution, but a number of prison officers have reported sick and some are in quarantine, putting a serious strain on operations there.

 “I have been saying I was just thrown into the fire, but it builds character,” he told Observer in an interview this week.

A very soft-spoken Anthony said he tries very hard to separate his personals feelings from his job, but he admits that he is only human.

“I don’t let the challenges affect me personally. Administratively, it gives me a great challenge in trying to resolve the shortages. I said I will not let this challenge bring me down. If I am the head of the administration and I break down, what will that say to the rest of the crew?” Anthony queried.

According to the acting prison boss, there are serious concerns among the staff, but he must remain as the pillar in their midst.

 “I keep showing the rest of the team I am there with them in spite what others think. We are all part of the same team; we are facing the same challenges, the same risks; we all want to go home safe to our families just like all the others who have reported sick. I am doing my best to give them the assurance of safety,” he said.

Prior to his acting appointment as the prison superintendent, Anthony was the Chief Prison Officer.

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