Acting Police Chief: ‘We must follow procedures’

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While the family and other members of the public express outrage that those involved in the savage mugging of a 17-year-old boy have not yet been arrested, the police say they must follow procedures.

Jahhym Azoo, the victim of the attack, remains in critical condition at the Mount St. John’s Medical Center (MSJMC) after he was reportedly robbed, beaten and stomped by five young men in the vicinity of the Greenbay Primary School earlier this month. They reportedly took his Adidas slippers and cellphone.

It was also reported that, days later, two of the alleged gang members went to the school of Azoo’s younger siblings to interfere with them.

Acting Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney told State TV that police are ensuring they follow procedures set out in the Child Justice Act since the suspects are all minors and under the age of 18.   

“We are speaking not only to the officers that are dealing with it, but also to the other stakeholders when it comes to juvenile matters, so the other agencies are involved and we are trying to bring some solution to this problem.”

The Act, passed by Parliament in late 2015, established a Child Justice Board to deal with the initial enquiries into allegations against children. In this case, the children involved must also be assessed by a social worker prior to being taken before the Board.

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