Acting CMO gives break down of covid cases

acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr Teri-Ann Joseph
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Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Teri-Ann Joseph has given a further breakdown of the ages of those who make up the active covid-19 cases in Antigua & Barbuda.

She said of 185 active cases, 86 are males and 99 are females and they range from ages 11 months to 82. Seventeen of them are aged 0 to 11; 11 are between the age of 12 to 17; two of whom are from the 50 new cases.

Of the 50 new cases, 22 are males, 28 are females and includes 17 people who are between the age of seven and 11.

Of the 185 cases, 12 are imported and 123 are local transmissions.

Fifty-three (53) are unvaccinated, five are partially vaccinated, 21 are fully vaccinated, while 17 people are under the age to be vaccinated. One hundred and one (101) cases are unknown.

Of the total active cases, 18 people have been hospitalized, four are critically ill and are being treated at the Intensive Care Unit, while the remaining are at the IDC for moderate illness.

Seventeen of those hospitalised are unvaccinated, the other person was fully vaccinated with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, which Joseph said was not approved in Antigua & Barbuda at the time the person entered the country.

That person however is critically ill.

Only three people from Barbuda have added to the active covid-19 cases, bringing their total infection numbers to 11 since the virus was identified here.

Meanwhile, persons who have taken the Cuban vaccine but have tested positive for covid have been placed in a grey area, since that vaccine is not yet been approved by Antigua and Barbuda.

“Technically speaking, we view these people as unvaccinated until such time”, Dr Joseph said.

Having tracked how the virus moves from week to week, Dr. Joseph shared that of the 43 deaths recorded in the country, 41 were directly related to covid while two were coincidental. She noted that while someone might die with covid, covid was not what killed them.

“So, these persons died and by the way because we took a swab, they had covid”, he said.

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