Accused ‘vampire killer’ reportedly wounds prison officer

Multi-murder accused Delano Forbes (File photo)
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By Latrishka Thomas

Alleged serial killer Delano Forbes allegedly struck a prison officer in his head with a Lysol aerosol can when he tried to restrain him at Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) yesterday,

Police confirmed that the incident occurred at around 8 am after Forbes refused to be shackled and the prison officer attempted to restrain him.

The officer is said to have obtained a blow to his head that sent him to the Mount St. John’s Medical Center for treatment.

He reportedly obtained four stitches and was placed on sick leave because of the injury.

Observer spoke to the Chairman of the Prison Visiting Committee, Bishop Charlesworth Browne who rushed to the prison after hearing a more “sensationalised” version of the ordeal.

He said that after hearing from the superintendent and the prisoner, he gathered that “it is just a part of the daily routine of the prison, just that it was the situation where a prisoner had to be restrained and a prison officer got injured in the course of his duties to the extent that he was treated with four stitches and he is now on sick leave”.

“[Forbes] did not want to carry out instructions and then became relatively violent and had to be restrained … there was no fight or no exertion on the part of the prison officer to cause harm [or] injury to the prisoner,” Browne revealed.

He said Forbes admitted that “if he had complied, simply complied with the prison officer’s instruction in the first place … that would not have happened”.

Observer has not been made aware of whether charges will be brought against the multi-murder accused.

At the beginning of this week, Forbes was declared fit to plead after the result of a psychiatric evaluation done by Doctor Philmore Benjamin was disclosed.

The 25-year-old then pleaded not guilty to killing Shawn Henry and Liesure Williams.

He is yet to be arraigned for the murders of Wilfred Williams and Maurison Thomas.

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