According to former Festivals Minister – “temper the braffing”

Education Minister Daryll Matthew.
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Minister of Education Daryll Matthew, who was previously the Minister of Festivals, is telling residents to practice greater personal and social responsibility as Covid-19 cases rise in Antigua and Barbuda.

Matthew says face-to-face classes could be disrupted once again even though the Ministry of Education continues to monitor the public health situation.

“It is a concern; I hope it’s not manifested into reality but this is where we need to ask the public to really exercise some responsibility. We speak about public rights and individual rights but nobody speaks about the individual responsibility,” he said on the Good Morning Jojo sports show.

The Education Minister says that reverting to online learning could bring back challenges for students and teachers alike.

“When we braff because we are outside, I mean, I understand the frustration of being at home but it has consequences and one of the consequences may very well be the closing of schools at some point in time if cases continue to rise and no one benefits from that.”

“The students don’t benefit, the teachers that have been working tremendously hard and I heard the Director on the radio yesterday morning speaking about how hard the teachers are working. They don’t benefit and we all suffer so if we could all temper the braffing, please just a little bit, temper the braffing and go and get vaccinated. Let’s ride this wave so we can come out on the other side better,”  Matthew suggested to residents.

Antigua and Barbuda recorded 203 new cases on Tuesday with seven people hospitalized at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center.

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