Accident victim facing complications

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Almost a month after he was struck down on Sir George Walter Highway in a hit-and-run, Garvin Crump’s recovery has been impacted by a recent complication.
Wilscia Crump told OBSERVER media that her husband remains hospitalised and doctors discovered life-threatening blood clots in his lung. She said that although the external bruises have healed, an MRI revealed further internal injuries.
“I feel so heartbroken that the man responsible for my husband’s demise is walking the streets, living his life, while my husband is in the hospital fighting for his life. Not one time has the driver come to see how my husband is doing. Life is so unfair,” the distraught wife said.
Her husband was found unconscious on the side of the road in Coolidge by the police on April 24, at around 4 a.m.
The Upper Gambles resident lamented the mounting medical bills as a result of the unfortunate incident. She said that the family has been paying as best they could but resources are running out.
She noted that the cost for the much-needed tests and screening is high.
Crump also said the insurance company that provided coverage for the vehicle that struck her husband indicated it would not take on the responsibility for her husband’s medical expenses because the vehicle was not registered in the driver’s name.
A 24-year-old medical student turned himself into police, accompanied by his attorney, two days after the near fatal accident.
Chirjeet Singh Biring, who resides at Utopia Park Apartments on Sir George Walter Highway, was charged with dangerous driving and failing to report a traffic accident. He appeared before the Traffic Court and was placed on $20,000 bail, which required a cash component of $5,000.
Crump said her husband cannot sit up straight for minutes at a time and it’s painful to watch him like that, this comes after earlier reports that he started to improve.
The family has since hired an attorney to assist with the case, but, Crump is most concerned about her husband’s recovery.

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