Accident near Obsti’s

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Sixty-year-old Persephine Broodie was rushed to the hospital yesterday afternoon following a vehicular mishap near the East Bus Station.
Broodie was sitting under a vending stall adjacent to King Obstinate’s bar when a heavy-duty commercial truck crashed into that stall and brought it down on her back.
The accident occurred at the junction of Independence Avenue and Factory Road.
According to the vendor who owned the stall, the driver of the truck paused to buy some produce.
After the vendor advised the driver to exit the vehicle and complete the transaction, he attempted to park closer to the stall.
It was then that the back of his truck hooked the top of the stall and pulled the structure down onto Broodie, the stall’s owner and her daughter.
The stall’s owner and her daughter were fortunate not to have suffered any major injury.
Broodie was last reported in stable condition at the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre (MSJMC).

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