ACB Caribbean moves to improve the business climate in Barbuda

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Manager of Digital Banking at ACB Caribbean Anika Henry
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Efforts are being made to not only improve the ease of banking on Barbuda, but to also improve the general ease of business.

Barbudans have long lamented the hardship they face in seeking to conduct business on the sister isle, especially after the passage of Hurricane Irma in 2017.

Hurricane Irma nearly totally decimated the island’s infrastructure, leading to many having to travel to Antigua in order to engage in transactions that others living on the mainland take for granted.

ACB Caribbean, which has long been the only bank on Barbuda, returned after rebuilding their branch in 2019, and recently, they engaged residents there during a webinar titled, ‘Doing Business in Barbuda.’

Manager of Digital Banking, Anika Henry, told those in attendance, “ACB Caribbean is committed to the growth and development of businesses in Barbuda. We are incredibly pleased to be bringing Digital Banking to Barbuda and assisting our customers with banking outside of the lines.”

Henry explained that the bank understands the need to adapt to the digitising world, noting the benefits to utilising technology in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner.

“One of the things that we really want to push this evening is for us to start to use digital means of doing banking because it saves you time… it is just one of the things that we know that will help to push us forward as a society overall,” she explained.

Other panelists and presenters were Andrea Dickenson, Supervisor Retail Banking; and Narcisse Moise, Chief Credit and Sales Officer and the head of ACB Caribbean’s Small Business Unit – Simply Smarter Business.

The panel presented all the various features of their ACB Smart App, digital banking for businesses, and establishing and opening business and personal accounts.

Moise described ACB Caribbean’s Small Business Unit – Simply, Smarter Business and how the Bank is partnering with small businesses to help them grow, among other initiatives.

ACB Caribbean also committed to the continued hosting of informative webinars, and the provision of expert advice on growing and developing businesses, and banking outside of the lines in Antigua and Barbuda.

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