ABSAR transforms clinic

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Antigua and Barbuda Search and Rescue (ABSAR) volunteer group is converting a clinic into a Volunteer Coordination and Rehabilitation Centre, according to Jonathan Cornelius, director of operations.
Cornelius explained that the Centre is being built to accommodate the local government and international non-profit organisations (NGO’s) that will meet there daily to coordinate relief activities in Barbuda. Describing the 16’ by 32’ facility as a “glorified tent” with an enclosed metal structure and air conditioning unit, Cornelius said it will be turned into office space with tables, chairs and communication equipment.  
Over the weekend, volunteers from the organisation have installed a base station for communication via satellite, limited Internet access for basic communication between Antigua and Barbuda as well as a meridian two-way radio system for public service workers to use should Internet connectivity fail. 
Accompanied by Barbudan volunteers, ABSAR has been working with other NGO’s, including The Whole Food Programme, various UN agencies, the WAITT institute and Blue Halo as well as the government of Antigua and Barbuda with the task of rebuilding Barbuda.
ABSAR is an officially recognised emergency service in Antigua and Barbuda dedicated to relief efforts on the mainland and at sea.

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