ABSAR makeshift hospital

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A temporary clinic is being set up at the former Barbuda Airport Fire Station to aid in emergency rescue and distress relief in Barbuda. The Antigua and Barbuda Search and Rescue (ABSAR) group set up the hospital in the wake of the mandatory evacuation declared for the sister island.
Jonathan Cornelius, ABSAR director of operations, described the “makeshift” hospital as a “tent and trailer facility.” The 16 by 32 ft. tent, he said, is a decent size for treating minor accidents and injuries.
According to Cornelius, the facility will be built for temporary use until the island’s hospital is operational again in an estimated 12 to 18 months.
ABSAR will also establish a temporary communication system until utilities can be restored in Barbuda. Cornelius expects this to happen within months.
ABSAR is an officially recognized emergency service in Antigua and Barbuda dedicated to relief efforts on the mainland and at sea. Volunteers from the organization brought medical and rescue supplies to Barbuda ahead of Hurricane Jose’s arrival as well as transported some of the evacuees to the mainland by boat. They have since collaborated with the nation’s fire department in search and rescue efforts. 
Cornelius is grateful to boat owners and other Barbudan relief donors. He said, “Our vessels, we estimate, cost us about EC $1,000 every time we take a trip to Barbuda and back.” He believes that the transportation expenses were very high for many boat owners who assisted in the evacuation effort. He praised all of the public servants, especially the Antigua & Barbuda Coast Guard, saying, “Kudos to them” for collaborating with ABSAR.

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