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The following is a correspondence to the staff of ABS from General Manager Erna-Mae A. Brathwaite:

TEAM – We regrettably advise that a member of the Evening shift has tested positive for COVID-19.

We are therefore taking the following steps with immediate effect.

• ALL crew on the evening shift will remain off duty tonight while we conduct internal contact investigations.

• Members of the News Department who might have come into contact will remain at home (or leave immediately as applicable) until our initial contact investigations are complete.

• Arrangements have been made for the entire premises to be sanitized prior to the Evening News and again tomorrow.

• Non-critical personnel will be contacted directly as to their hours of work tomorrow.

As you are aware we have been diligent in ensuring that staff members adhere to the prescribed COVID-19 Protocols and Procedures. We have also ensured that the building has been cleaned twice daily to ensure the safety of all staff.

I wish to take this opportunity to specially acknowledge Tracey (our Receptionist) and Angela (our Sales Rep) for personally stepping up and cleaning the building during the frequent absences of our assigned cleaners.

As a consequence, of our ongoing efforts we are confident that risk to our general staff body is well mitigated.

We once again request that staff adhere implicitly to guidelines of Ministry of Health and our COVID-19 internal Bulletins. Bulletin No. 10 is appended for ease of reference.
As we have always maintained adherence to the guidelines contained in our Covid-19 Bulletins ensures the safety of our co-workers, our family members, our community and ourselves.

We wish our Colleague a speedy recovery.



The Coronavirus Bulletins are designed to ensure the safety of our staff and guests.