ABS one-man picketer transferred

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Eustace Samuel, the staffer at the Antigua Broadcasting Services (ABS) who staged a one-man picket earlier this month, has been transferred to the IT department of the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Information Technology which oversees the State radio and TV broadcasting entity.

Samuel told OBSERVER media that he received a letter on September 12th, stating that effective September 11th he was reassigned to the IT department despite having worked at ABS for years as a sound engineer.

In speaking with Samuel, OBSERVER media learned that he has no experience working with computers.

When we asked Samuel whether he thinks that he is being victimized, he did not respond, but he shared that the matter is being handled by the Antigua Trades and Labour Union who will advise him on his next move.

Samuel says that, for too long, too much has been overlooked at ABS and, as he put it, “sugar coated” by management.

Samuel, who has worked at ABS for the past four years, began his protest on Monday 2nd September outside the Cross Street premises with a placard stating: “Who can help ABS when one minister say ‘Them lazy and stealing time,’ and the other minister say ‘Give them rum and party so they forget everything. Schoolchildren say the new local station is 99.1fm. Somebody help!!!’”

At the time, he said he was protesting because the company’s management refused to address outstanding grievances.

“I have issues with the management style of the company that I work for. Everything is just being overlooked by those in charge, and I find that it is time that somebody does something about what’s going on and stop sugar-coating things to look good,” he said.

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