ABPSA vaccine mandate challenge dismissed

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The court has dismissed an application from the Antigua and Barbuda Public Service Association (ABPSA) to challenge the government’s vaccine mandate.

The matter was heard in the High Court on Monday.

The information reaching our newsroom is that the challenge was thrown out on the grounds that the association does not have the authority to put forward the motion given the current state of emergency and that the association is reportedly not a duly registered body.

The union filed the petition for judicial review in late September after claiming that the mandatory policy was “unreasonable”, “irritational”, and “disproportionate” among other things. The association also sought a stay of the policy and amendment, pending the final determination by the High Court.

ABPSA President Joan Peters confirmed what transpired in court and explains why the body is not registered. The union will be meeting next Wednesday to consider whether or not they will be taking the matter forward.

Meanwhile, Labour Minister Steadroy Benjamin says he is quite happy with the ruling although it came as no surprise.

The Antigua Trades and Labour Union (AT&LU) has expressed its intent to challenge the vaccine mandate for public sector workers.

The teacher’s union also passed a resolution against the mandate and threatened industrial action if the resolutions is not acknowledged.

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