ABLP condemns political billboard

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The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party says its condemns a political billboard which depicts the prime minister’s 6-year-old son wishing for his family’s death.
The ABLP is calling for the billboard to be removed. Photos of the billboard began circulating on Whatsapp and Facebook on Friday.
Featured on the billboard are images of the prime minister and his family; Prime Minister Gaston Browne, his wife and candidate Maria Bird-Browne, his sons Gaston Browne III, and Prince Gaston, as well as the mother of Gaston Browne III, Hyacinth Harris.
The billboard says “The Browne Dynasty – All for us, None for you.” Each of the five family members is pictured wearing a crown and beneath all their pictures is an image of men half-dressed and on their knees – suggestive of poverty of servitude.
Beneath each family member’s picture is a comment. All are related to the topic of the prime minister’s family wealth.
The comment beneath the prime minister’s six-year-old son is in dialect and says, “Me carn wait fu dem dead fu tek over.”
In a release yesterday, the ABLP called the billboard an “outrageous attack” on the prime minister’s family and accused the UPP of seeking to “vulgarise the campaign.”
The UPP logo appears on the billboard along with the face of the UPP’s candidate to run against the prime minister, Wilmoth Daniel and an ‘X’ next to his name – a plea to voters to support his bid.

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