ABFA elections gets May date

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The Antigua & Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) will go to the polls on May 13.

This was revealed by President Everton Gonsalves, who disclosed the date for elections at an extra-ordinary congress held on Wednesday night at the Multipurpose & Exhibition Cultural Center.

One potential candidate, Keithroy Black, who had written to the ABFA asking them to name the date, said the announcement was a welcomed development.

Black challenged the notion, via a letter earlier this month that the election could have been held as late as December 20 of this year. He also sent copies of the letter to regional body CONCACAF and international body FIFA.

“I am happy and let me applaud the president, Mr Gonsalves. At least he would have adhered to my letter that I would have [also sent] to CONCACAF and also to FIFA and the Minister of Sports [EP Chet Greene] and so I want to thank the president because it is only fair that the election did not go past May 13, 2017. Notwithstanding that I would have made mention of it in the letter and I would have also said to him that the election should have been held in 2016, December,” he said. 

Black said he would use the time he has left to intensify his campaign going into the election.

“I will continue meetings with the persons who are on my slate; start to go to the other media houses and start to push our plans for football going forward because it’s business as usual for us. We see that changes need to be made and we are bringing a proposal, bringing a plan. It’s a new vision, new direction and that’s what we are pushing going forward for football within the nation of Antigua & Barbuda,” he said.

In earlier interviews, Gonsalves said the election was due on or before December 20. The former national player, who has already served two terms, however, did not specify a date for the AGM.

Gonsalves has indicated that he will seek re-election.

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