ABFA candidate to consider Derrick as GS if elected

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Antigua & Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) presidential candidate Edson Joseph said he would consider extending the contract of the association’s current General Secretary, Gordon Derrick, should he be elected at the body’s next meeting slated for May 22.
Joseph, a former executive member of the ABFA, said Derrick, whose contract extends the lifespan of current President, Everton Gonsalves, should be allowed to fulfill his contractual obligations.
“As I know, Mr Derrick has a contract with the Antigua & Barbuda Football Association; and when I get there as president and there is life in his contract he’ll not be paid out. He will be allowed to work his contract. And if he works in such a way that the ABFA administration is satisfied with him then he would be open to apply for an extension of his contact,” he said. 
According to Joseph, Derrick should he be allowed to continue in the role of general secretary, and would have to conform to the needs and demands of the new president.
“A general secretary in any organisation is given the latitude by the president and so what you get is a reflection of what the leader permits and so, if you are a strong president and you recognise that this guy is not working with our agenda, our programme or not fulfilling his role then obviously, that person has to be replaced,” he said.
Asked if he is prepared to deal with the possible fallout with some clubs over his possible decision to retain the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) president, Joseph said it is not about personalities but about how an individual performs as a professional.
 “I don’t have an issue with the name Gordon Derrick. When I manage or administrate in any area, it’s how people work with me. I don’t judge people from what others say. I judge them from how they perform and that’s how I would answer that honestly,” the former player said.
The individuals, including Joseph, will challenge Gonsalves for the top spot during the May 22 vote slated for the Multipurpose & Exhibition Cultural Centre at Perry Bay.
Another executive member, Joel Rayne and Tryum FC president, Keithroy Black, will also contest the election.

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