ABDRA Credits Strict Rules For Safety Record

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Sixty-two-year-old Bryce Marsh (left) is seen with former president of the ABDRA, Lisa Abraham, just after his crash on Sunday.

The Antigua & Barbuda Drag Racing Association (ABDRA) has credited it’s no nonsense approach to safety and safety regulations after one driver, Bryce Marsh, walked away from a crash at the North Sound International Raceway on Sunday.
Reports are that Marsh lost control of his car during the Tune for Tune event, a grudge match centred meet, and it flipped several times after careening into tyres lining the side of the track.
The driver, however, walked away unscathed with just a small nick on one of his fingers.
One executive member, Luis Elder, believes Sunday’s crash highlights the benefits of having and enforcing strict safely rules during racing meets.
“As odd as it sounds, I would call that an ideal accident because that’s the worst accident we’ve had at that track and he got up and walked away with no injuries, nothing. Before every race, every single car that goes on the track gets checked and it’s a very comprehensive checklist too, of roll cages, seatbelts, and harnesses. They must have fire extinguishers, helmets, neck-braces,” he said.
President of the drag racing association, Yousef Michael, said there are a number of other safety measures soon to be implemented, one of which is the much controversial blood alcohol levels test before races.
“That’s something we are looking into and don’t get me wrong because it’s here, and I think that has frightened a lot of people from the onset when we put it in the group that it’s here. The race director would most likely enforce that and it is something that we plan to use in terms of random checks. Sometimes you can’t force people,” Michael said.
Marsh, who said the experience has not put him off racing, credits his brother for ensuring that the car, “Praise the Lord”, was safe to operate.
“Even before the car went to the track, he changed all of the tyres on the car because he thinks about safety every minute and the car can’t move unless he approves the safety is right. The decision on that particular car has not been made as yet because he is thinking of taking the car off the chassis and put a next car back on the same chassis,” Marsh said.
The “Tune for Tune” meet is the brainchild of popular entertainer, Tian Winter who has said plans are in the works for a second instalment in 2018.

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