ABCA match referee: Pigotts abandoned two-day game

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Match referee for the Antigua & Barbuda Cricket Association (ABCA), Charles Goodwin has blamed Pigotts Crushers for their two-day game against hosts All Saints being abandoned on the second day at the Mack Pond playing field.
Goodwin, who stood in the contest as match referee, has accused the first class newcomers of leaving the ground even before the match had been called by the umpires, Anderson Andrew and Calvin Thomas.
“We didn’t call off the match, never called all the match. They [Crushers] just undressed and left the ground but we never called off the match. The two umpires, myself never called off the match and yes, there is no grace period, I agree, but Tris [Rolston Philip] consented that he will wait for the 10 minutes. The guy [player] came within the 10 minutes then they went to Abdiel and he said they were not playing and they were dressed already,” he said. 
Reports surfaced on Sunday that All Saints had failed to turn out for the second day’s play with only seven men present at the facility in time for the scheduled 11 am start.
Reports are that the home team was scheduled to resume their first innings reply on Sunday but could only muster 10 players, three of whom were not on the team’s roster for that game.
Goodwin gave his version of what transpired on the Sunday.
“They [All Saints] had 10 players but three were substitutes and you know the substitutes cannot
count. At about five minutes to 11, a player from All Saints came to me and said that a player [Geetesh Harilall] was on his way so I got with the umpires, the captain of Pigotts and also with the captain of All Saints and I explained the situation and we gave them about 10 minutes and the captain for Pigotts agreed,” he said.
“Harilall came within the 10 minutes but Rolston Philip went to the coach and told him something and they both said they were not playing,” he added.
Goodwin was scheduled to submit his report to the ABCA on Tuesday night after which a decision will be made as to the status of the match.

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