ABBA to host Barbuda relief tournament

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The Antigua & Barbuda Basketball Association (ABBA) has joined in the Barbuda relief effort and will be hosting a five-team tournament in hopes of gathering much needed supplies for the sister isle.
President Daryll Matthew, said five of the country’s top teams have committed to playing in the tournament.
“The basketball association has organized a benefit tournament that will take place next week Sunday to collect supplies for the Barbuda relief effort. It’s going to involve the top four teams in Antigua which are Braves [defending champions], Ovals, Stingers and Flyers and also, a lot of the Barbuda players are with Yorks but the Barbuda teams will be playing on a team as well,” he said. 
The association, which had already made donations of water and other supplies to the relief effort, said entrance to the games will be free, but fans can donate through other means.
“There will be five teams in this tournament and it will take place at the JSC next Sunday starting at 6 P.M. We are not charging an entry fee, but what we are asking is that persons who come to the games bring some items to donate in terms of food stuff, toiletries and so on, and we will have an area at JSC where that donation can be made and we will collect it,” Matthew said.
Reports indicate that a number of other associations will also be hosting fundraising events in aid of Barbuda. 

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