ABBA elections set for next month

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The gloves will be off and hands will be in full swing as the Antigua and Barbuda Basketball fraternity will decide on which slate they want to represent them as their new executive two months earlier than the regular congress in December.
This news was revealed by the current President of ABBA, Carlton Brodie who stated that October 23 would be the new date for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and elections.
He explained the executive’s motive behind the move.
“The executive thought it was necessary for the fact that there is going to be a new executive coming on after the elections whichever way it goes and with this home and away championships that we have coming in February.
“We thought it was necessary to bring it forward so that the new executive coming in would have some good time to plan and I think the league also would be in session so it’s all about giving them some time to do their planning.”
Brodie went on to explain the election process where the two known candidates, Kebra Nanton and Jules Bowen, would have to name and present a nine-member slate to the General Secretary a week prior to elections.
He also revealed that in accordance with the constitution, unlike other associations, five of the nine positions; 1st and 2nd Vice President, Assistant Treasurer and Assistant General Secretary, would be voted upon by the 25 clubs/teams registered with the association.
The other positions would automatically be gained once the person vying for the presidency wins.
“The executive consists of nine members and the way it goes is that the president has a slate, president, treasurer, public relations officer and the general secretary, so once that slate gets voted in then that’s it and then the two VP’s, assistant treasurer and assistant general secretary and the two floor members will be voted on by the body.”
Brodie took up the mantle as President after the resignation of then-President and now Minister of Sports, Daryll Matthew, after he was appointed as a senator for the Antigua Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP).
He, however confirmed reports that he will be on Nanton’s slate for the position of treasurer.
The newly-appointed nine-member executive will serve for a four-year period.

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