ABBA condemns recent vandalism at JSC Sports Complex

whatsapp image 2024 01 25 at 7.55.31 am
whatsapp image 2024 01 25 at 7.55.31 am
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The Executive of the Antigua and Barbuda Basketball Association (ABBA) is condemning a recent attempt of vandalism at the JSC Sports Complex.

In the wee hours onThursday 25 January, an attempt was made to light a fire in the middle of the court by an unknown assailant.

The Executive was alerted about the minor damages to the playing surface by the custodian later that day.

Upon assessing the damages, the burnt pieces were removed and replaced.

While the damage to the playing surface was not significant, President of ABBA Michael Freeland shared his frustrations over the nonsensical matter.

“To even think that someone would try to light a fire in the complex is just ridiculous and alarming as well and we condemn this act and all acts of vandalism.

We will be filing a police report. We are calling on patrons to cease and desist from vandalizing the complex.

“This will only cause harm to the sport and our youth, especially, as many use the facility on a daily basis whether it be for practice sessions, school games or just to stay in shape. We have our league coming up as well.

“For those persons in the surrounding communities, we are asking for you to keep an eye out and let’s all work together to keep the facility in proper conditions,” Freeland said.

Efforts will be made to increase security measures at the facility.

Over the years, there have been several cases of vandalism and attempted break-ins at the complex but nothing to this degree.

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