ABAVA “sets the record straight” 

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Following recent news in the press reporting that the visiting Grenada men’s volleyball team was subjected to poor accommodation ahead of the ECVA Men’s Volleyball Championships held here, the Antigua and Barbuda Amateur Volleyball Association (ABAVA) has issued the following press release on the matter.

Press Release 

The ABAVA “Sets the record straight” 

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua (July 11th, 2022) – The Antigua Barbuda Amateur Volleyball Association is aware of reports on social media regarding the accommodation assigned to the Grenada Senior Men’s Volleyball Team that participated in the OECS Senior Men’s Volleyball Championships from July 6th to 10th. 

In preparation for the tournament, the Association did everything within its means and budget to secure adequate accommodation for the eight visiting teams at the Anchorage Inn, Bargain Center Apartments Tindale Road, and Heritage Hotel. As required, site visits were undertaken for each facility and all issues related to the venues were discussed with the operators with the intent of same being addressed. The apartments at Tindale Road was no exception. 

All teams were slated to arrive on the morning of Wednesday 6th July, however due to travel challenges, Dominica arrived on Sunday 3rd July and Grenada Tuesday 5th July. Both teams were placed at the Anchorage Inn Hotel. It is important to note that the official size of each travelling party inclusive of coaches is 12 persons. Team Grenada arrived with 19 persons, hence the reason for their relocation, as splitting up the delegation was not ideal. 

It is unfortunate that there was a water leak at the Tindale Road accommodation that was not addressed before the delegation arrived; however, upon arrival to the apartments, the team was made aware of the situation and advised to shower immediately, so that the water could be turned off and the leak repaired. Some representatives did apparently not follow this directive.

It is important to note that the apartments on TindaleRoad met the standard required to accommodate teams for tournaments such as this one. It is our experience having travelled to many regional tournaments that those apartments provided adequate accommodations once the minor issues raised were addressed. 

We understand the costs and constraints associated with hosting tournaments and strive to make our visiting teams as comfortable as possible. We had eight teams here, with additional guests. Only one of the eight delegations encountered this inconvenience. 

In the circumstances where teams arrive ahead of the scheduled date or with more than the allocated team and contingent size per tournament guidelines, each team is required to pay for the unbudgeted expenses including food, and accommodation. Several teams arrived with more than the allocated 12 persons, however, Grenada arriving with 19 represents the largest group. 

Having received complaints from the manager of the Grenada team on the evening of 6th July. Our association gave the manager the assurance that their issue would be addressed on following morning (Thursday). At 7:00 am a follow-up conference call involving Grenada Manager, the President of ECVA, ABAVA Treasurer and ABAVAPresident was held to assure the team Manager of Grenada that the issues will be resolved before the end of the day. We asked for cooperation and patience. 

However, the action that were taken by team Grenada is now common knowledge. 

To resolve the matter a third party got involved and the team was transferred to a new facility at our cost. 

The foregoing notwithstanding, we apologize to the delegation for the inconveniences, to all the delegations for the distraction the unnecessary spectacle may have caused and to all affected by this.

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